Saturday, 16 May 2009

Chefs dont have time to blog

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So Ive been thinking about my career for some time, and well the honest truth is that Cheffing is not a glamorous career, it is not a sunny day at the beach, it is fun; but not full of happy moments, it is not a way to get famous or score hot chicks. Cheffing is about honest hard work. Most people dont seem to realise it, (it has taken me some time too). Comments like "Wow your like a master chef," or "I want to be a magazine chef" seem to be a joke to me. TV glamorizes us and shows those peachy moments when you get to cook for one person, or three or four. Cheffing isn't like that ts about serving high quality grub to 50/60/70/120 people at a time and not even breaking a sweat. This is a career about hard work, sweat and blood. I know it, Ive been in the industry for 10 years now, and for some reason I've been spending a bit too much time in la la land and not really thinking about what I'm doing. I do feel like Im finally getting a grip on my life, and the good food helps, maybe this is more a lif lesson than a career lesson, hard work will get you far. Not big ideas and little movement, but small steps forward, improving things everyday. So now its head down, and knives to the grindstone.

Thinking about it, it is still not the right job for me. But then it wont be, not until I own my own little restaurant where the art on the walls and the music playing will be just as good as the food on the plate. Where diners will nosh down and enjoy there meal while being entertained by beautiful waitresses and be able to see the chefs sweat over there meals. Where am I know then? I hear you ask... well I'm finally in a place where the chefs aren't treated like chickens, over used, over abused and under paid. I'm at the place where I get to cook great food, with and inspirational chef, where the cooks care and the clients do to. To learn how to stick it out through the fire and sweat and to prove to myself that this is the life I want and the life I've chosen.

And then here's my foodie blog, (I used to be a foodie now I'm just a chef,) and its not full of home truths, or cooking tips. Its just another egotistical enterprise but at least I think its great and meaningful and maybe I will get a chance to write about a few recipes or the insperation for a plate. But it wont be beautifully photod or perfectly laid out, just more food on a plate that tastes great and keeps me and the team I work with inspired.

I have spent a lot of time looking through other food blogs and I know realize that there are so few real cheffing blogs. If you read The Times Top 50 food blogs or type food blog into google, you dont get real foodie stories, just blogs from mom's and housewives trying to fill there free hours by blogging about the food they made there kids for tea. Not that they are all shit, just most of them, you an see on the side bar Ive started to make a collection of my faveourite food blogs and Ive found only a few that are run by real chefs who are bloggin about cooking and this crazy life we live. Real chefs dont have the time or the energy to sit down and write a blog about the evenings service, or the steak they mucked up. They live and breathe food, they dont really want to write about it afterwards. Oh, well Im just a little bit more crazy than my collegues, I write about it and it rocks. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do!!

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